Meditative Bird Sim Fugl Gets New Tranquil and Soaring Trailer

Meditative Bird Sim Fugl Gets New Tranquil and Soaring Trailer

Relax and enjoy the voxel view in Fugl's latest trailer.

Developer Team Fugl has released a new trailer for its meditative bird simulation game, Fugl, which recently got stamped with an Early Access September 14th release date.

For those that don’t know: Fugl is in development by a collective of game industry veterans, including contributors to projects such as LIMBO, Hidden Folks, GoNNER, Among the Sleep, and more.

Fugl is a meditative bird experience game in which players create their own stories while soaring the skies in “stress-free” gameplay. The sandbox world offers a variety of different birds to control and a procedurally generated, picturesque voxel world to explore. Areas featured, include diverse enviroments like tropical beaches, old forest, snowy mountains, endless deserts, windswept caves, and more.

While exploring you will encounter a rich wildlife ecosystem featuring hundreds of animals, and even some rare mythical creatures. After encountering other animals your shape shifting bird will take on new visual characteristic and flying behaviors inspired by them.

Notably, the game also features an extensive level creator and custom bird avatar editor that allows you to add your own personal touches.

Johan Gjestland, co-founder of Team Fugl, accompanied the new trailer with the following statement about latest project:

“With Fugl we want to offer a different kind of game experience. It’s really about getting your mind off hectic daily life and immersing yourself into a vast game world with childlike curiosity. The players have no set goals and timers, so can enjoy Fugl at their own pace, making their own goals and story. No matter if you want to observe some animals, feel the breeze under your wings as you glide across the landscape or soar up steep cliffs like an eagle, Fugl let’s you experience the world as you want.”

Fugl will be available for PC and Mac when it launches via Early Access this September. A full launch is expected alongside a VR and mobile release sometime in early 2018.

Below, you can check out the new trailer: