Full Audio Drama for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Revealed (Updated)

Full Audio Drama for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Revealed (Updated)

Update: Thanks to NeoGAF user dramatis, we now have more insight into the happenings of the audio drama. You can check out that new info below where the original transcript is.

Remember the 30 minute audio drama that comes with Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster? Thanks to the later’s release in Japanese, the former has been fully posted and revealed, along with a general transcript of events, courtesy of YouTube poster ReikiKirei.

The video has been posted below and below that is the transcript. As a bonus, here’s a screenshot of artwork lifted from the video showcasing Tidus and Yuna as they look in the drama:

Final Fantasy X X-2 HD Remaster (2)

Warning: These are major spoilers for the audio drama so proceed at your own risk.


  • Most of this bonus audio are told by 2 characters: Chuami and Kurugum. They are sent to Besaid Island by Baralai to search for Yuna.
  • Tidus isn’t together with Yuna anymore, but of course, the real reason isn’t explained. At the beggining of the drama, when Chuami, one of the protagonists asks Yuna about Tidus being her boyfriend, she still confirms, but at another point (although
    I’m sure it’s a lie) when the 2 protagonists are spying a convo between them, she is jealous about some Tidus’ friend (Marufi – a friend according to him). Then, she tells him she doesn’t care anymore and apparently got another person she likes. Weird enough, he just ask: Who?, which she replies “Someone you don’t know.”
  • Later though, Tidus asks Lulu if she know about who could be Yuna’s new love. Lulu gets pretty disappointed and says she thought Tidus would know Yuna a little bit more. She then tells Tidus to figure it himself.
  • The weird part about this is when Kurugum, the other protagonists, tells Chuami that he likes Yuna and they should separate from each other. (Like they are trying to induce people to believe he is Yuna’s new love, but I doubt it could be, as he has a voice of a 14 years old kid).
  • Tidus is still a Blitzball star, but when Chuami handshake him, she notices he’s pretty injured and with no energy at all, although he is trying to hide it. Later, when she meets him again, hiding from someone in Bevelle, she also notices he’s injured. This may be related to why he and Yuna aren’t together anymore.
  • Apparently, Yuna woke up from her “bad dream” (aka her FFX-2 version) and is talking like her FFX self again. Rikku and Paine aren’t mentioned in this bonus audio.
  • Sin is back, although it’s not explained why and how it’s back. It’s told, however, that it was activated by something (note that they use the word Summoned anymore).
  • One of the protagonists (Chuami) of this bonus audio drama claims to be Auron’s daughter, although this is confronted by Lulu when she mentions about it. Lulu even saus she doesn’t look like Auron like Yuna looked like Braska and Tidus looked like Jecht.
  • When she asks Lulu if her mother is a liar, she tells her that she wouldn’t go so far, but if Auron was really her father, he would definitively make sure she would know, because that’s how Auron was.
  • In the end of the bonus audio, Yuna’s famous words from FFX about defeating Sin are back, with the crowd cheering. You know what that means, right?

New Information:

  • Kurugum is a “送儀士” as Yuna calls him, I’m not sure if this term was used in 10/10-2 but think it means he’s a Sender (since summoners are ‘summon’-ers, nowadays there’s nothing to summon but people still die and require sendings, so presently there are Senders).
  • Chuami harbors resentment towards Yuna, most likely because of the Auron father thing and also because Chuami actually dislikes Yevon, and Yuna has been doing nothing but praying at the Besaid Temple to a fayth that no longer even exists. Chuami thinks it’s bullshit.
  • A second shoopuf has appeared at Moonflow. In FF10/10-2, the shoopuf at Moonflow is supposed to be the last of its species, so the mystery appearance of a shoopuf who happens to be quite close to the last shoopuf (a sphere of them is described in the audio) is a bit alarming. Thirty years ago the last shoopufs were a couple, but one of them died. My understanding is that Chuami and Kurugum ask Yuna (at Baralai’s request) to investigate, and then go Bevelle to meet with Baralai about it. When Yuna refuses, Chuami uses Tidus against her, saying that Tidus is in Bevelle and he seems to be injured, which immediately sparks Yuna’s worry.
  • Yuna agrees to go after consulting Wakka and Lulu, who also come along.
  • The fayth are acting weird. What fayth normally show are memories or just images of dead people. However, at the Moonflow the traveling crew witness a fayth image respond to a child’s question like a sentient being. The child begs her mother to come back, and the mother answers in affirmative.
  • This later relates to the reappearance of Sin at Bevelle, implying that someone wished for Sin to come back.
  • In any case, when Sin reappeared, they realize the problem of trying to defeat Sin when summons no longer exist. Wakka and Kurugum defer to Yuna, waiting for her decision on how to handle the new Sin, but like an airhead she says amidst all of this that she must meet Tidus.
  • So Chuami’s pissed and she decides to eavesdrop on Yuna and Tidus. Who happen to be having a lovers’ quarrel while Sin runs off like Godzilla I suppose.
  • At this point Kurugum tells Chuami they will have to part because he has to go with Yuna, that Chuami won’t understand because she’s not a summoner. Chuami is confused, throws her hands up and tells him to do what he wants.
  • Chuami heads back to Besaid. Tidus also goes, to ask Lulu about the new guy that Yuna likes. Lulu tells him to go find the guy himself.
  • At the beach, Chuami wonders aloud where the summoners are; Tidus answers that they must go ‘there’ (I think he’s implying Zanarkand?). Chuami asks him if he’s okay with being dumped for that, to which Tidus replies, “We made a promise to be together forever.”
  • Chuami thinks he’s full of shit, but doesn’t say anything because Tidus is clearly doing a really poor job of hiding his pained face.
  • At the end, in a stadium setting most likely (from the sounds of crowds and cheering), Yuna promises the people she will defeat Sin.