Full Disgaea 4 Figure Set Will Decimate Your Wallet

on April 24, 2011 4:00 PM

Full Disgaea 4 Figure Set Will Decimate Your Wallet

I have no idea who most of these characters are, but the figurines sure are neat looking.

Preorders open up soon for the full set of figurines and the full Premium Edition of Disgaea 4, each of which come with all of these figurines, plus a bonus one of a character called “Fuka” (no idea who that is) if you buy the full set or the Premium Edition of Disgaea 4, the latter of which also includes a big box, art book, and OST CD. Definitely looks like a really sweet package, even though I have no experience with the franchise.

The sets are not yet priced from what I can see, but considering the massive amount of bonuses, I’d assume they’d run you quite a bit of cash.

Preorders are set to open up this July, and more information on the sets can be found at NIS American’s site here.

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