Full Fledged Controller for iOS Devices Appears

Full Fledged Controller for iOS Devices Appears

If you are one of the many that tried gaming on an iPad or iPhone and quit in rage due to the uncomfortable mess represented by the on screen virtual control pad, I feel your pain. Take heart, though, as not all hope is lost.

60Beat developed a full fledged controller that interfaces with the iPhone 4/4S, iPad/iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4G through the headphones jack and might turn gaming on the devices by Apple into an actually enjoyable experience for gamers that require a bit more tactile feedback than a virtual stick displayed on a flat screen. 


The controller has two analog thumb sticks, a d-pad and ten action buttons, pretty much like any Xbox 360 or PS3 pad. One of the most clever features is that plugging the controller in the devices actually removes the cluttering on-screen controls from compatible games.

Unfortunately only Bugdom 2 and Aftermath are listed as compatible for now, but 60Beat promises a “full collection” of compatible games by next February.

You can check out a presentation of the controller in the video below: