Full Metal Panic x Voltes V Crossing Pilot Event Revealed in Super Robot Wars DD

Full Metal Panic x Voltes V Crossing Pilot Event Revealed in Super Robot Wars DD

Full Metal Panic characters Sousuke, Melissa, Kurz, Tessa, and possibly Kaname end up piloting Voltes V in the newest Super Robot Wars DD pilot crossover.

Bandai Namco is holding the December 2020 edition of the usual Nama Suparobo Channel stream, the official streams of the Super Robot Wars series, and we learned Full Metal Panic is having a Crossing Pilot event with Voltes V.

Producer Takanobu Terada explained how they thought up this crossover. The main reason is none of the crossovers till now used a mecha with multiple pilots. After discussing it they ended up deciding on Full Metal Panic characters piloting Voltes V. Since Sousuke is always acting as a team with Melissa and Kurz, they’re the first three pilots. There are 5 seats in Voltes V though. The fourth pilot is Tessa as seen in the trailer. However, the fifth pilot will only be revealed in the event itself. It’s highly likely to be Kaname though.

Producer Terada jokingly shared Sousuke’s seiyuu Tomokazu Seki knew perfectly how to imitate Kenichi’s way of saying the attacks. Without directions.

The Crossover Event will be supervised by Full Metal Panic author Shoji Gatoh and written by Nakagawa, the scenarist of SRW BX and Full Metal Panic Fight Who Dares Win.

Full Metal Panic characters piloting Voltes V is the fourth Crossing Pilot event in Super Robot Taisen DD. The previous Crossing Pilot events were: Gundam‘s Amuro Ray piloting Mazinger Z. Code GeassLelouch piloting Wing Gundam Zero Rebellion. Super Robot Taisen original character Masaki Ando piloting Aura Battle Dunbine‘s Bilbine.

Getter Noire 2 with Hayato is joining Super Robot Wars DD as well with a new attack for the already included Getter Noire 1. OG character and mecha, Ryusei and the R-1, are joining the game as well. Producer Terada confirmed the new Ryusei artwork was drawn by Sachiko Kono.

Super Robot Wars DD Full Metal Panic Voltes V Crossover

They’re also holding a contest to win a special illustration of SRW DD titular mecha Didalion by Masami Obari, with his autograph.

The stream also featured the reveal of zombie horror idol anime Zombie Land Saga in Super Robot Taisen Cross Omega.

Finally, the second part of the stream, still ongoing, is a several hours long talk show with Super Robot Wars Producer Takanobu Terada and Scenarist Soichiro Morizumi. This is a follow up to the previous talk show. They’ll play Shin Super Robot Taisen too. We’ll publish a summary at a later date.