Fully Immerse Yourself in this Loading Human Trailer

Fully Immerse Yourself in this Loading Human Trailer

Some realities are just better than yours. Dive deep into Loading Human’s futuristic world using the Oculus Rift.

Untold Games released a game play trailer for their upcoming sci-fi adventure Loading Human. The trailer below shows how Loading Human will play using the Oculus Rift and a set of Razer Hydra/Stem controllers.


Loading Human is about recovering the lost memories of André Gibson who is suffering from a degenerative memory disease. Thankfully, his super scientist wife will somehow transfer his memories to a robot to restore his memories. Go science!

The use of the controllers will allow the player to interact and inspect objects in the world by mimicking your hand gestures. Combining this with the Oculus Rift headset makes Loading Human should provide a one of kind experience with robots and memory manipulation.

Expect to see Loading Human on PC and MAC in the near future.