Funniest Battlefield How-To Video Ever!

on February 18, 2010 10:58 AM

Funniest Battlefield How-To Video Ever!

So you’ve been playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to the point that you’re care package glitching by accident. You are no longer entertained and have decided to play a game that requires, wait for it… skill. You realize  that no one on your friends list plays anything but MW2 but you decide to venture out of the norm and into the XBLM or PSN Store to download a demo for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

You are immediately delighted by the fact that players aren’t running around with the speed of Usain Bolt  whilst teleporting with knives in their hands. You also make not that there isn’t am airshow going on in the sky because of cheaters. You begin to like the FPS genre all over again.

Only problem is that you now suck, because the game is actually realistic. Don’t panic however as the following video entitled “How Not to Be a Noob at Modern Warfare 2” has you covered with everything you need to know! If you haven’t already do yourself a favor and check out the guys from Pixel Enemy, pretty good stuff.

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