Furi Rider Figurine Announced; Takes to Kickstarter

Furi Rider Figurine Announced; Takes to Kickstarter

Today, developer The Game Bakers announced that its award-winning, all boss combat-action game, Furi, which launched today onto Xbox One for $19.99 USD, is getting its own figurine of the game’s main character Rider via a Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign only features one award: the figurine. If the campaign gets at least 1,200 backers, then the production costs will be covered and the figurine will exist, if it doesn’t get that many bakers, it won’t.

According to The Game Bakers, it received so much enthusiastic feedback from Furi, which released onto PS4 and PC earlier this year (its now on Xbox One as well), that it wanted to create an object to encapsulate the game experience, and that gave some players something to hold onto long after they finish the game.

As for the figurine, it features the game’s protagonist, Rider, in a full action pose with katana and gun in hand, and his signature hair and cape flowing. The figurine stands at 16 cm / 6.3″ high, and is designed by Takashi Okazaki (designer of all the characters in Furi, and also the creator of Afro Samurai). As for the materials, it is said to be made out of Quality vinyl (PVC) and is hand-painted. It comes in box and blister, and stands on a pedestal marked with Furi’s logo.


It is priced at $32 USD. If the campaign is a success, it will release sometime in April 2017 according to the Kickstarter. Personally, I’m pretty jazzed about this. I’m not normally a guy for collectibles like this — unless we’re talking Waluigi amiibos — but Furi is one of my top 15 favorite games of this year, and this statue, like the game’s art design, looks sleek and awesome.

To learn more about Furi, you can go here: http://www.furigame.com/In other news, Furi earlier this year got free avatars, and free high quality wallpapers: you can check both of those out hereFuri is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. On PS4 and PC the game is expected to drop from $24.99 USD to $19.99 USD in the coming days the developer also announced.