Furi Speedrun Mode Soon to Be Playable with Hardest Difficulty; Main Screen Cheat Code Revealed

The Game Bakers announced beta to be released next week for PC versions of Furi allowing players to play Speedrun Mode at the highest difficulty, Furier.

on June 30, 2017 9:19 PM

Here’s one good reason to return to The Game Bakers’ Furi! Today, the developer announced that the game’s Steam version will be receiving a Speedrun mode that allows the game to also be player at its hardest difficulty.

That’s right! Furi will be playable in Speedrun mode and in Furier difficulty, making for the ultimate challenge. Additionally, the One More Fight DLC bosses and The Flame and Bernard will be included in the mode. The Game Bakers has said that this functionality will first be coming as a beta sometime next week.

Also revealed today is that Furi has a secret TGB cheat code that can unlock Speedrun mode and the Furier difficulty from the game’s main screen. If you’re curious to see what all of the fuss is about, you can do that without having to first finish the game. Although, maybe you should finish the game first if you’re serious about fully experiencing these options.

The TGB code also allows you to change the main screen, and you can see how that’s done on Xbox One in the video below.

As for PlayStation 4 owners of Furi, you’re not getting completely left out. The Game Bakers have announced that some free Avatars will be coming your way shortly.

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