Furi Will Not Get a Sequel, Was Always Meant to be a Standalone Game

PS4, Xbox One, and PC game Furi was always planned to be a standalone game, and developer The Game Bakers intends to stick to that plan.

on September 5, 2017 10:21 AM

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with The Game Bakers Founder and Creative Director Emeric Thoa who confirmed to us that we will not be getting a Furi sequel of any type.

According to Thoa, the title was always planned to be a standalone game, and it “will stay like that.” He continued:

“Furi was planned as a standalone game and will stay like that. The story, the universe, everything was meant to be standalone and not have a sequel, we need to be strong and stick with this plan. As a developer, we need to keep trying to surprise people.”

As you may know, Furi released last summer on PS4 and PC before coming to Xbox One later that year. Upon release, it garnered decent critical acclaim, and to date has been downloaded by more than three million people. Normally this combination of success translates to a sequel, so it’s nice to see The Game Bakers sticking to their vision and desire to “surprise people” rather than simply going back to a proven product.

That being said, if The Game Bakers aren’t working on another Furi game, the question is: what are they working on? Well Thoa obviously didn’t divulge what he and his team have been up to, but he did say an announcement will come “probably this year.”

Furi is available on PS4PC, and Xbox One for $19.99 USD. Personally, it is one of my favorite games this generation — intense and difficult, but rewarding — and if it sounds up your alley then I highly recommend checking it out. If you want more information on the game itself, then be sure to check out its official website.

Further, be on the lookout tomorrow (Wednesday) for our full interview with Thoa where we chat about Furi, post-Furi, and much more.

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