FuRyu’s PS Vita/3DS JRPG Exstetra Gets a Japanese Release Date and More Info, Looks Lovely in More than One Way

FuRyu’s PS Vita/3DS JRPG Exstetra Gets a Japanese Release Date and More Info, Looks Lovely in More than One Way

The developer of Unchained Blades FuRyu is currently working on a new JRPG named Extetra, and today announced the game’s Japanese release date and a few more juicy details. The game will hit the Japanese shelves on October the 17th for PS Vita and 3DS.

The story of Exstetra is quite intriguing and definitely carries a lot of those unmistakable anime/JRPG elements that many know and love (while others love to hate): due to a sudden disastrous event Tokyo gets merged with the fantasy world of Amasia, but things are destined to get even worse as both worlds are spiraling towards their destruction.

A high school student named Ryoma is identified as the “Prisma”: a savior-like figure that can solve the situation by departing on a yet unknown quest. All we know is that he’s able to absorb energy from enemies and infuse his companions with it. He does that in a quite peculiar way: with a kiss. Cue dating game elements right there.

The first one to receive such a kiss is Shiho, another high school student whose dream is to become an idol. She decides to follow Ryoma and becomes the first of the Prisma Knights. The second Prisma Knight is Masaru,  the typical light-hearted mood maker you find as the “best friend” in most anime. While the fact that he’s a Prisma Knight implies that he’s probably been kissed by Ryoma as well, it has to be said that his official description doesn’t specify that, while Shiho’s does. It’ll be interesting to see where this will lead.


We also learn that those that will preorder the game will receive a CD with the sountrack. That’s not a small bonus considering that the score has been composed by Yoko Shimomura, that previously worked on Kingdom Hearts, Xenoblade Chronicles, Street Fighter II, Parasite Eve and a ton of other popular games. Looks like FuRyu really loves to hire the best for its games, considering that part of the music for Unchained Blades was composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

The theme song titled “With You” will be performed by the well known Japanese music duo ClariS (that recorded the opening song of the popular anime series Ore no Imoto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai).

In the gallery below we see a few screenshots, artwork of the three main characters in their school uniforms and in their battle attire, a rendition of the ClariS duo, the cover of the bonus CD and the game’s version of Tokyo’s Shibuya district and of the Hikarie shopping complex partly overrun with vegetation. Some of the pictures are rather small, but that’s what came with the press release. It’ll have to do for now.

Now all I need to be happy is an announcement about a western localization. After all Unchained Blades was localized by the blessed souls at Xseed, they might decide to pick this one up as well.