Futaba Explains Why you Should Buy Persona 5 Scramble

Futaba, Navi of the Phantom Thieves, voiced by Aoi Yuki, explained in a funny video why Persona 5 Scramble looks so interesting.

Atlus published a new video featuring Navi/Futaba of the Phantom Thieves explaining “in three minutes” Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers and why we should be hyped about it. As you imagine the video is pretty funny. And as I imagine, most of the people who clicked on this article don’t know Japanese, so here’s a summary of what Futaba said.

Futaba, voiced by the talented Aoi Yuki, first introduced herself and how she’s a super hacker and the one in charge of promoting the latest news on the Phantom Thieves. She first explained how Persona 5 Scramble is a sequel to Persona 5, taking place in the summer around half a year later. Futaba then introduced the new playable characters. She noted how it’s pretty standard (especially for Atlus) to add a cute girl like Sophie, but a middle-aged dude, police investigator Zenkichi, is pretty unexpected.

Futaba then explained that some new heart-stealing incident is happening in Japan, so the Phantom Thieves, Sophie and Zenkichi, leave  Shibuya, and end up traveling to Sapporo, Kyoto, Osaka, Sendai, and Okinawa, They’re also planning to have fun, sightsee, and eat a lot of delicious food in the process, since it’s summer vacation and all.

Next, Futaba explained the battle system, and how it’s pretty much Persona 5 but transposed to action, with persona skills, baton touch, weaknesses, guns, and all-out attacks. Futaba noted that she herself isn’t playable, but the game does have events where you need to protect her while she hacks stuff. You also have the Band system to upgrade your party, the Velvet room and persona fusion, and the usual RPG-like sidequests. Praising Koei Tecmo in the process, Futaba explained using all this properly will make your party stronger, so people not accustomed to high-paced action games shouldn’t worry about the game being too hard for them,

Futaba also touched upon Persona 5 Scramble‘s New Game +, which unlocks the Risky difficulty that was made “so you can brag after clearing it”. She also explained how you should definitely play P5S if you liked P5, since it’s the sequel and all. But it’s fine to start with P5S too and then play the previous game, and even watch the anime if you have some time.

These “Understand something in x minutes” videos are pretty common in Japan, and surprisingly Futaba actually didn’t go over the time-limit, a recurring joke in these types of videos.

If Futaba managed to steal your heart about Persona 5 Scramble, well, the game wasn’t announced yet in the west as Atlus West is focusing on Persona 5 Royal’s western launch on March 31. However, a Japanese demo is also coming on February 6, in a few hours as I’m writing this. We’ll be sharing our impressions on it. Meanwhile, you can read and watch more Persona 5 Scramble: there’s the first trailer, commercials, gameplay, the new artworks for the game and details on the save unlocked BGMs, the second trailer, and the game’s opening animation sequence, You can also check out the character-focused trailers: Joker, Sophia/Sophie, RyujiMorgana, Anne, YusukeMakoto, and Haru

Persona 5 Scramble launches on February 20 in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. A launch live stream (YouTube) will also be held on February 19 at 19: 30 JST (Click here for time conversions). The stream will feature cosplayer Enako (who already cosplayed Kasumi in the past), comedian, MC, radio host, and anime otaku Yuki Iwai, Chiaki Matsuzawa (the cool lady who MCs every single Atlus stream), and other guests. It’ll also have a concert part with Lyn, DJ WAKA, and Koei Tecmo’s MASA.

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