G2 Esports Defeats Team Liquid to Win League of Legends MSI 2019

G2 Esports Defeats Team Liquid to Win League of Legends MSI 2019

In the highly-anticipated showdown between two western teams, the representative from Europe in G2 came out on top to end MSI 2019.

After a dramatic semifinal round of MSI 2019 that saw Korea’s SK Telecom T1 and China’s Invictus Gaming both fall to Europe’s G2 Esports and North America’s Team Liquid respectively, the finals ended up being over quite quickly.

In the first-ever matchup between two western representatives in the finals of an international tournament, G2 Esports quickly demolished Team Liquid to win MSI 2019. And when I say that G2 did this quickly, I mean it. G2 defeated Team Liquid in three straight games of the best-of-5 series and in the process set a new record for the fastest finals series in League of Legends history, surpassing Invictus Gaming’s domination of Fnatic during last year’s Worlds matchup.

Despite looking strong in the semifinals round, Team Liquid almost never had a lead in any of the three games that were played in the series. With stellar performances from G2’s mid laner Caps and support Mikyx, the European team was never really in danger of dropping a game. After it was all over, Caps was named the MVP of the series.

Even though this is surely a disappointing end for those who had hope for Team Liquid in North America, MSI 2019 continued to reaffirm what we learned at Worlds 2018: western teams can now definitely compete with regions that once dominated the League of Legends competitive scene. Whereas China and Korea have proven to be the strongest regions in the history of League of Legends, North America and Europe look more contentious than ever. As such, Worlds 2019 should be an incredibly interesting tournament later this year.

As for the rest of the League of Legends competitive season, regional action will start back up in the coming weeks. The LCS specifically is set kick off on Saturday, June 1, with other regions starting up in the days and weeks after.