G4TV Revival Confirms The Return of X-Play and Attack of the Show

G4TV Revival Confirms The Return of X-Play and Attack of the Show

X-Play and Attack of the Show are going to be back for the new G4TV. Fingers crossed for Cops and Cheaters next.

After posing the question of what shows should be brought back, G4TV’s Twitter answered by confirming the return of two of its flagship series. With the revival of G4TV slated to kick off in 2021, we’re gradually getting more teases of what’s to come. Fans of the original iteration of the gaming entertainment network will be very pleased to know that X-Play and Attack of the Show are coming back. Given that these were easily two of the network’s most popular shows, it’s not all that surprising that either of them would see revivals. But for fans, it definitely is very exciting and lends a lot of for G4TV’s legacy.

X-Play focused on primarily video game reviews and previews. With a healthy dosage of humor and skits thrown in throughout. Hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb became staples of not just the show but of the entire network.

Attack of the Show was of a variety show more akin to a late-night talk show than anything else G4TV had to offer. It cycled through a handful of hosts until it found it’s main team of Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira. The two would engage in a slew of antics throughout the course of an episode.

G4 Reunion

G4TV was a staple in many gaming households in the early parts of the millennium. Many of us who work in games journalism today saw the network as our first glimpse into the industry. There are plenty of fond memories viewers have of watching G4TV. As a result, everyone is eager to see what the relaunch will bring to the table after the landscape has changed so drastically.

This new iteration will be a hybrid of a television network while also pushing digital content. G4TV is set to officially have its revival in the Summer of 2021.