Gabe Newell Dota 2 Shopkeeper Set is Simply Fantastic

on January 5, 2015 7:58 PM

Dota 2 is currently collecting custom item submissions through the Steam Workshop for consideration to be included in the annual spring event, New Bloom. Of all the wonderful entries that are pouring in, one of them in particular stands out among the rest.

User ‘down_limit’ has crafted a custom set for the game’s shopkeeper that is modeled after Valve’s president, Gabe Newell. The set features a smiling Newell with his signature oval glasses, parted hair and Santa Claus-esque white beard. Sporting purple clothes, a green cloak, a pouch full of goods and a massive decorative staff, I dare say his jovial appearance is an even better fit for the game than the current shopkeeper model.

While the submission doesn’t quite exactly meet the requirement of Chinese themed items, voting for the item on the Steam Workshop should increase its popularity to give it a better, if not slim, chance of being included in this year’s event. You can check out a video below showcasing the 3D model of the Gabe Newell shopkeeper set and how it appears in-game, all set to the fitting tune of “My Way” by Frank Sinatra.

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