GAEMS G155 Portable Gaming System Looks Like Overkill

on June 19, 2011 1:00 PM

New from CompuExpert and GAEMS, Inc. (great name for a peripheral manufacturer), the GAEMS G155 Portable Gaming System allows you to carry a PS3 Slim or a 360 (both forms of the 360 supported) on the go, with a built-in HD LED screen (no specific mention on the resolution, likely 720p) and dual headphone jacks and with space to hold controllers and a power supply. It’s an interesting idea, good for those of you who constantly carry around a game console to places that have free power outlets (i.e. family trips), though it seems like a bit much for most of us. Honestly, the same thing could be accomplished with a spare TV where you’re going and a backpack where you are now, but hey, I guess there’s someone out there who could use something like this. Perhaps it would be good on a car ride, if you have a good enough battery.

The full kit’ll run you $299.99. Looks steep, but there is an HDTV in this thing. You can pre-order it from,, or, and they’re set to ship out June 23rd, so get those orders in now if you really want one of these.

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