Gaige The Mechromancer Transmits Her First Echo Log

on October 5, 2012 1:52 PM

Gearbox today released a new trailer/echo log for their fifth Vault Hunter character, Gaige. The young mechromancer’s log seems to give us a glimpse into the creation of DT, her robotic companion and active skill in Borderlands 2. It seems her background is a lot more juvenile than the others (but only in focus, she’s about right for the maturity level on Pandora).

Watch below to get a glimpse into our new protagonist’s personality, as well as her life at home. I wonder if her dad has any clue what she’s up to… I’m getting way too old, I just said that unironically. Gaige will drop down onto Pandora on October 16th, players who pre-ordered the game will receive her for free, but she’s $10 otherwise. Smash the system!

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