Gaijinworks Confirms Class of Heroes 3 is Still Coming To PlayStation Portable, Possible Physical UMD Release

on July 24, 2016 3:01 PM

Victor Ireland, Gaijinworks President, posted on the Gaijinworks forum confirming that Class of Heroes 3 would still be coming to North America.

Yes, Class of Heroes 3 is still coming. We’re just trying to see if we can squeeze out one last UMD to do a physical release and that’s taking a long time, so we haven’t really posted anything about it until we have something to report. Hopefully that will change soon, but there won’t be time for an interest poll, so we’ll just go straight to the presale if we get the UMD go-ahead, and make whatever we sell.

First announced over a year ago, Class of Heroes 3 appears to be aiming to be the final PSP game released in North America sometime in 2016.

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