Gaikai Changes The Meaning Of Social Gaming: “Everything Everywhere”

Gaikai Changes The Meaning Of Social Gaming: “Everything Everywhere”

As announced during the Live Sony Event, Gaikai’s service will radically change the PS4 and the idea of “social gaming” in general.

Gaikai and the PS4 will bring gamers a new depth that hasn’t been seen before in several different ways:

“Gaming Together”

Players will allow to see their friends playing games, and be able to jump in. When players buy games, they can set their notifications to alert friends to their purchases. They can also try out a game immediately from the Playstation Store, just by “pressing X and jumping in.” The new idea is to “instantly experience anything you want.”

Through Facebook and Ustream, players can schedule and broadcast play sessions, and through the Playstation Dualshock4 controller press the “Share” button to “let friends look over your shoulder,” and can even allow friends to take over your controller during a difficult segment of a game and assist you from anywhere.

The Dualshock 4 controller also has a earphone jack that will allow players to talk to friends over different games, and has an upgraded light bar that will make their controller easier to recognize by the PS4’s new hardware.

“Ultimate Gaming Companion”

The PS Vita will be much stronger this year, and while more news will come later, Sony did announce that Remote Play will be in greater use thanks to Gaikai services. The Vita will be able to stream games being played instantly, and during the conference an example was shown where the newly announced Knack was played directly on the Vita.

“Everything everywhere.”

The future of Sony will eventually allow gamers to game wherever they are, with emphasis on backwards compatibility–from the PS1 to the PS4–on any device. Cloud services will come in increments over time, but the most important thing to dwell on is that it’s coming.

There will also be other services, like Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu Plus, that Sony is partnering with to keep Sony tied into gaming and entertainment.

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