Gal Gun Returns Announced On Everything But PS4, Coming January 28

Announced by Inti Creates at Tokyo Game Show 2020, Gal Gun Returns is a remaster of the original Gal Gun released ten years ago.

By Iyane Agossah

September 26, 2020

Inti Creates, on the Happinet Games Showcase at TGS 2020, announced Gal Gun Returns, a remaster of the original Gal Gun, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Gal Gun series, started in 2011. Gal Gun Returns will be launching worldwide on January 28, 2021, on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It’ll be coming to Steam as well in February 2021. Prior to TGS 2020, Inti Creates had already announced a new Gal Gun game would be announced at the event.

Thanks to Gal Gun Returns, it’ll be the first time the original Gal Gun game is released outside Japan. Only the Switch version will have a physical edition.

What’s pretty funny is how it’ll be a worldwide launch, so even the 3 Japanese people who own an Xbox One will get Gal Gun Returns too. However, the game isn’t coming to PS4. The previous game in the series, Gal*Gun 2 did launch in March 2018 on PS4 alongside Switch. However, a low price version of Gal Gun 2 was also announced now, and it’s only coming to Switch, and PC via DMM and Steam:

It’s possible Gal Gun Returns and Gal Gun 2 (low price) aren’t coming to PS4 due to Sony randomly censoring Japanese games for over a year now. This censorship is actually a pretty rare occurrence, and only a handful of games have been hit in total. There are plenty of games with sexual fanservice still releasing on PS4 too. Either way, this is quite an amusing situation. It feels as if Inti Creates didn’t even want to deal with Sony’s incredibly puzzling decisions and didn’t take the risk of having to change game elements after development.

The Gal Gun segment on the Happinet Game Showcase featured Haruka Miyake, voicing Kaname Nonomiya in Gal Gun Returns. She was cosplaying her too:

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The segment started with reexplaining Gal Gun for those unfamiliar with the railshooter featuring girls trying to furiously confess their love to you as you shoot them with pheromones to make them reach euphoria.

The game will be fully voiced and includes multiple popular seiyuu such as Fumiko Uchimura, Maaya Uchida, Nozomi Yamamoto, Yukari Tamura, Yui Horie. It’s definitely worth buying just for the cast if you’re a seiyuu connoisseur.

New Event CG will also be included in the game. The game will have a Story Mode, Score Attack Mode, (multi-person) Doki Doki Mode and a brand new mode titled Doki Doki Carnival Mode. You’ll also be able to check all the CG illustrations in the Gallery. Nearly all of the DLC costumes from the original game like the bikini costumes and the apron costumes will be included:

Key visual, English details on the game and preorder bonus:

In Japan, the game will have a special limited edition celebrating the tenth anniversary, with an artbook and an album with all the character songs:

They specified on stream the game will receive Limited Editions in the west as well, but likely won’t have the same goods.

Samples for the illustrations used on shop specific preorder bonuses were shared too on the Japanese official site. You can find them in the gallery below.

Be sure to check our TGS 2020 coverage and our schedule to keep track of everything happening.

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