Gal Gun VR Receives Early Details From Inti Creates During Anime Expo 2017

Gal Gun VR Receives Early Details From Inti Creates During Anime Expo 2017

Inti Creates hosted a panel during Anime Expo 2017 where they revealed early details about Gal*Gun VR, which will bring players closer to the girls.

Gal*Gun VR has finally received early details during an Anime Expo 2017 panel hosted by Inti Creates and PQube, which DualShockers attended.


The details of Gal*Gun VR are still in consideration, but we were treated to an extremely early concept build of the game, which we weren’t allowed to take pictures of or film. However, we have compiled the details from the panel so fans who weren’t able to attend can get a preview of what’s planned to come from the Gal*Gun series.

Gal*Gun in VR allows the player to control the camera now, which means they are able to get off the fixed camera setting and look around in 360 degrees. More specifically, players will be able to see girls running in every direction.

The team wanted there to be more intuitive controls, stating that the player will now aim by looking at the target as well as given the opportunity to explore the world. A specific quote from the panel that describes this perfectly would be that “euphoria has never felt more personal.”

The new “fresh” mechanics found in Gal*Gun VR include the ability to peek and lean from behind objects like desks and corners. Additionally, players will have the choice to hide inside manholes where, you can probably guess, look up skirts. There will also be stealth mechanics planned for the new title, and players will be able to dodge attacks as a defensive mechanism to make the combat more involving.


A new weapon that was revealed as a part of the player’s arsenal is called the “Demon Sweeper,” a giant vacuum that is used to suck in little demons. These demons played a small roll in the previous Gal*Gun titles, but now play a bigger part of the Gal*Gun universe. It was teased during the panel to “just imagine what a whole lot of wind out of nowhere would do to the girls.”

The game will award players who shoot the girls where they “enjoy it most.” By doing so, they will earn “Buster Points,” a currency in the game that can be used to power up the Demon Sweeper.

In Gal*Gun VR, players are now able to visit the main protagonist Houdai’s room. Furthermore, they can communicate with their “adorable” neighbor, who has yet to be revealed. Players are also able to peek at their neighbor, where they can spend BP to give her snacks and ask her to upgrade their tech. Additionally, players will be able to customize their room with figures.

Gal*Gun VR will still contain the beloved Doki Doki mode from the previous game. At the end of the day, players will lay down their heads and drift off into a dream of Doki Doki. This is where girls will be able to be posed in a variety of positions.

Changing rooms have been made to play a bigger roll in Gal*Gun VR. However, they have implemented it with a bit of a spin: when girls are changing, they’ll ask the player to turn around to stay on their good graces, but if the player peeks, she’ll get upset and you’ll lose some points with her. Can you restrain yourself?

There are side-quests in Gal*Gun VR that come in the form of more involved item hunts, all new defense missions, and a classroom hub. The objects are a bit more interactive in Gal*Gun VR and represent real objects and not just floating icons. One mission that we saw an image of was called “Demon Rush” mode during the panel.

This was only a showcase of what Inti Creates is working on. There is no release date yet, and platforms have not been announced at this time. Even though these details might not reflect the final product, we are excited to see what’s to come from the Gal*Gun series. Additionally, PQube has not formally announced they are publishing the title.