Galactic Civilization III Gets Synthetic Empire Faction in Third Beta Update

Stardock Entertainment has released the third major beta update for Galactic Civilizations III, adding the synthetic Yor race to the game.

The Yor are aggressive, inorganic sentients that offer a radically different experience from the other races in the game. They completely ignore the rules around population growth rates, not worrying about the need to feed their population, and can simply build new units to augment their Singularity.

Beta 3 also includes the first ship combat animation that can bring player’s ship designs to life to battle the existing units created by Stardock. Damage is also now reflected on units, giving a visual indication as to when you need to repair the ships in your fleet. Lastly, the first cutscenes have been added to mark key moments like your first capital ship’s launch, planetary invasions and more.

Galactic Civilizations III is the next installment Stardock’s popular 4X strategy series, letting players expand their empires across massive galaxies. Eight classes with unique tech trees and mutliple victory conditions add considerable depth to the game, making it easy to pour countless hours into. Galactic Civilization III is currently available for $44.99 on Steam Early Access and has a planned final release for spring of 2015.

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