Galactic Civilizations III Update Brings Crusade Expansion Enhancements to the Base Game and More

Galactic Civilization III received Update v2.5 today, bringing many of the enhancements found in the Crusade expansion to the base game, on top of some improvements to the game's engine.

Today, developer Stardock released Update v2.5 for its popular RTS title Galactic Civilizations III. This update brings some of the improvements found in the Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade expansion to the base game, while also bringing some widespread helpful changes to the game’s engine, which results in faster turn times, and an overall better balanced and performing title.

Outside of those engine improvements, the enhancements brought over from the base game to crusade are also plentiful. The smoother UI found in the expansion now also applies to the base game. In addition, Galactic Resources will accumulate in the base game, and Galactic Civilization III’s base diplomacy system has been fleshed out more with Crusade’s Trade Bar, resulting in better trade offers.

Galactic Civilizations III’s AI systems have been updated, bringing the base game to Crusade’s level AI-wise. The developers also stated that they were able to make the game perform better as they have moved the game’s AI system to a core-neutral engine. You can check out a list of patch notes below:

Major Engine Update (Base Game + Crusade)

  • Improved AI
  • Better game balance
  • Faster turn times
  • Increased performance

Base Game Enhancements:

  • UI: The cleaner and more functional UI from Crusade is added.
  • Economics: Galactic resources now accumulate, like in Crusade.
  • Diplomacy: More informed trade offers, better resource trading, and the “trade bar” from Crusade are added.
  • AI: Substantial improvements to the AI system from Crusade have been added.
  • Performance: The AI system has been moved to a core-neutral engine.

Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock, had the following to say about the contents of the update, and why they decided to bring some of Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade’s improvements to the base game:

“We’ve made some massive engine enhancements for both the base game and Crusade. AI, balance, performance, and quite a lot more improved with the development of the expansion. We’re continuing to work on Crusade even now, but want to make sure some of those important improvements make it over to the base game too, which is what you’re seeing with v2.5.

I view Crusade as practically a sequel to the base game, not just an expansion. We really don’t want to get into the business of charging money for AI and engine upgrades, so we’ll continue to improve both games in order to achieve the best possible results.”

You can check out some screenshots of Update v2.5’s contents below. Galactic Civilizations III and its Crusade expansion are both currently available on PC.

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