Pokemon GO: Is Galarian Slowbro Good? Max CP and Best Moveset

Pokemon GO’s first Season of Discovery event, A Very Slow Discovery, sees the debut of a few new Pokemon.

Mega Slowbro will be appearing in raids for the first time ever and Galarian Slowpoke and Galarian Slowbro will also be arriving (but sadly not Galarian Slowking).

As with all new arrivals, players have questions, like is Galarian Slowbro good in Pokemon GO?

Well, here is the best Galarian Slowbro moveset, its max CP and how it performs in PVP modes.

GO Beyond: The Pokémon GO journey continues beyond

GO Beyond: The Pokémon GO journey continues beyond

What is the best moveset for Galarian Slowbro?

Galarian Slowbro loses its Water typing in favour of a new Poison typing, opening up a world of possibilities and new moves.

The best Galarian Slowbro build probably focuses on this new Poison typing and here’s what is likely to be considered its best moveset.

  • Fast Move – Poison Jab
  • Charge Move – Sludge Bomb
  • Charge Move – Focus Blast

Having both Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb is great for taking advantage of STAB, while Focus Blast will help combat Galarian Slowbro’s new Dark-type weakness.

Max CP and Meta Relevance

Galarian Slowbro has a tops out at a max 2445 CP when at level 40, or when powered up with XL Candies can reach 2764 CP.

Looking at PVP, Galarian Slowbro is unlikely to make too much of a splash.

In terms of the Great League, PVPoke ranks Galarian Slowbro as the 317th best pick in the division – therefore, it’s not really worth considering. Although, it does pick up wins against some of the divisions more prominant Pokemon, including Asumarill, Deoxys, Bastiodon, Toxicroak and Umbreon, so offers an interesting possibility.

Galarian Slowbro does perform a little better in the Ultra League, however.

This time coming in at 180th, Slowbro picks up wins against Cresselia, Togekiss and Melmetal, all of which are fairly regular opposition.

So, is Galarian Slowbro good?

It’s fine.

It may have a really small niche in PVP – it can pick up some important wins against some key Pokemon and may throw your opponent off as you bring it out, however, it suffers against a lot of other Pokemon, so presents a big risk.

If you end up with one with decent IVs and have an abundance of Candies and Stardust, it could be fun to run with for a while. Just don’t expect huge things.

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