RPG Simulation Galaxy of Pen and Paper Launches July 27th; New Trailer Released

Chroma Squad developer's new game Galaxy of Pen and Paper is poised to launch at the end of July for PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

on June 6, 2017 8:04 AM

Today, Brazilian developer Behold Studios — who recently put out Chroma Squad — announced that its upcoming turn-based RPG, Galaxy of Pen and Paper, will launch on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android on July 27th.

According to Behold, Galaxy of Pen and Paper is an RPG that contains retro art, classic turn-based battles, loot, and an endless parade of monsters and humor. In the game you assemble your party and control both the players and the Game Master, as you make your way through space.

Combat is said to be turn-based, where not only do you pick your party, but their races and classes. Further, you can customize almost everything in the game — from battle encounters to your Game Master’s table.

The game notably boasts a story with multiple decision points, spaceship battles, side-way battles, and planet navigation and exploration.

A price-point has not been divulged, but a new trailer has: you can check it out below. Additionally, you can check out the developer’s other game via the DualShocker’s official review, here.

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