Limited Run Games' Newest Release is a Functional NES Cartridge

In a business move that's par for the course for Limited Run Games, GALF will be available on NES cartridges later this fall.

Well, I sure hope you didn’t throw out your original Nintendo Entertainment System when you bought an NES Classic. Earlier today Limited Run Games announced that it’s releasing GALF, the golf game that exists inside 2017’s Golf Story, on an NES Cartridge.

Announced through a post on Limited Run Games’ official Twitter account, GALF will ship on a real, honest-to-God, NES cartridge that will work in either the original Nintendo hardware or any of the fancy clone consoles available on the market. While GALF’s packaging isn’t reminiscent of the original black box NES games, Limited Run states that the game’s box art was “painstakingly crafted to be as authentic as possible,” explaining that the box’s material and metallic seal ink both are identical to the materials used on original NES boxes.

Not so coincidentally, GALF‘s NES release coincides with Limited Run’s physical release of Golf Story. Released in September of last year, Golf Story was one of the first indie-darlings to grace the Nintendo Switch– drawing in both golf enthusiasts and RPG fans alike. Limited Run Games teased that the title would be getting a tangible version last year, which was formally announced at this year’s E3.

A release like this is par for the course for Limited Run Games, a company that specializes in manufacturing small runs of independent games and video game oddities. Just a few weeks ago, Limited Run announced that the Collector’s Edition of Playtonic’s Yooka-Laylee would come with a (non-functional) N64-style cartridge.

You can pre-order GALF this Friday over at Limited Run Games’ website for $44.99. Collectors might want to set an alarm and tee up a little early as only 1,500 copies of the game will be available.

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Travis Verbil

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