The Galil Is Coming To Warzone In Season 2 - Could it Alter the Meta?

What impact will the Galil have on the Warzone meta?

The infamous Galil is coming to Warzone when Season Two drops on February 25. With Season One of Warzone ending on February 24, fans have been treated to a brand new cinematic trailer for Season Two. The trailer not only showcases the new Galil, but features a Mini-Gun, New SMG, Crossbow, and new Operators.

The Galil Is Coming To Warzone

The Galil looks to be dropping into Warzone sometime during Season Two. It’s still unclear if the infamous gun will be kept back for later on in the season, or if fans will be able to pick it up on February 25. Many Call of Duty players will already have fond memories of the Galil from Call of Duty: Black Ops. It was originally well known for having very little recoil and could kill enemies in three to four body shots. With the guns minimal recoil and fast fire rate, if you’re quick on the trigger the Galil could become a lethal force in Warzone.

Will The Galil Become The New Meta?

It’s no secret by now that when new guns are added to Warzone, they can sometimes need a little TLC in the form of nerfs before everyone’s happy. Recently, fans were left scratching their heads after being dropped by the DMR-14 in Warzone almost instantaneously. Raven was forced to step in and nerf the marksman rifle back down to reality. Could we be in for a similar situation when the Galil hits Warzone?

Hopefully not, but if the Galil is able to be paired with attachments such as the Monolithic Suppressor and a VLK 3.0x Optic, it could become a powerhouse of an assault rife.

What Else Is New To Season 2?

The Galil isn’t the only gun coming to freshen things up in Warzone. The trailer for Season Two showcases a gigantic new Mini-Gun, and an unrecognisable SMG. The Crossbow is also featured in the trailer and looks to be helmed by what could quite possibly be a new operator.

It is worth noting that guns like the Mini-Gun could be coming in the form of a scorestreak, instead of a normal usable weapon.

Fans and streamers are also questioning whether a whole new map could be coming during Season Two. The official trailer isn’t set in Verdansk, but rather a jungle in Laos. Could this become the new setting for Warzone?

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