Gamania Opens Bright Shadow Online to US Players

Gamania Opens Bright Shadow Online to US Players

The free to play MMORPG Bright Shadow Online handled by Gamania Europe was previously open only to European players. Today that changed, as the European branch of the Taiwanese publisher opened the game to US gamers as well.

Considering that European players have a rather sizable headstart, US players that will join through their Beanfun! account will receive an exclusive “Beginners Pack”, Valued at about $20.

The pack includes:

  • Phoenix Feather x 3 (respawn on location)
  • Quick Recovery x 1 (30% HP recovery speed increase)
  • Tetris Rain x 20 (rains Tetris)
  • 2x EXP Book – 3 hours x2
  • Pet – Magic Kitten x 1

Bright Shadow just received the new expansion Curse of Hera that includes 20 new areas and dungeons, eight new classes, over 40 new bosses, and over 400 new enemies and monster cards to collect. You can see a trailer below.