Game Based Around the Berlin Wall Gets Postponed

With a game based around the German Reunification is pretty much bound to be shrouded in controversy, so it’s no surprise that 1378 (km), a game that’s set at the Berlin Wall during the Cold War would get people riled up. 1378 (km), which is in reference to the length of the Wall has players as guards gunning down those who try to escape from East Germany. Not only that, but the game also fast forwards to the year 2000, where their character will go trial for the shootings. Players can either go through with their fate or try to escape from being shot.

The game got people in an uproar, with some claiming it “makes a mockery of the of the victims,” and the incidents that happened were “no game.” Due to the negative reactions the game got, it ended up missing its launch this past Sunday, and will now be released in December along with a website that will display information about the event. The creator of the game, Jens Stober said the games was made as “a novel way of encouraging young people to take an interest in coming to terms with recent German history.”

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Alix Minjarez

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