Game Consoles Most Popular Streaming Device, 75% of Onwers Stream Non-Game Content at Least Once a Week, Research Finds

on September 25, 2014 6:36 AM

The newest generation of game consoles have become the most popular streaming device in the US, a research report from analyst Parks Associates has found.

The report notes that 28% of households use their consoles as their primary means of watching streamed content, while only 12% of households used dedicated streaming devices like Apple TV or Roku.

Director of research for Parks Associates Barbara Kraus says that this can be attributed to the high number of consoles in US households.

Gaming consoles are the most frequently used connected CE device because of their high adoption rates—of the broadband households that have only one connected CE device, nearly 60% have a game console.

The report also found that 75% of console owners used it to stream non-game content at least once a week, although the primary reason for purchase was still to play games.

“The ability to play console-quality games remains the core adoption driver. However, our research shows that younger console owners and those with children in the home are heavier users of online, non-gaming content. While 62% of all broadband households have a gaming console, more than 80% of households with children in the home have the device,” Kraus said.