Game Crazy Cuts Itself By A Third

Game Crazy Cuts Itself By A Third

If you are an advent gamer who loves to shop for gaming material, then you might have wound your way into a Game Crazy store. No, not Game Stop, Game Crazy, a store almost identical but more insane. Have we heard anything about these stores in New York? I only found out these stores exist after hearing that 200 of their 680 stores are closing. No marketing, no publicity, nothing.

Still, it is sad to see a formidable game store close many of its doors. The reason why so many stores are closing is the “unprecedented consumer/retail environment”.  Here’s the bright side; the stores that are closing are having a very big clearance sale. Here’s what we know:

  • 10/3-10/11: 30% off everything in the store
  • 10/12-10/18: 50% off everything in the store
  • 10/19-Closing: 80% off everything in the store

For you New Yorkers, don’t feel gloom and doom about not having a Game Crazy near you. There are a few right in Jersey City, Brooklyn and Jamaica, Queens. Go reap the benefits while you have the chance.

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