Game Dev Tycoon Comes to Nintendo Switch October 8

Game Dev Tycoon Comes to Nintendo Switch October 8

Game Dev Tycoon finally makes its way to Nintendo Switch later this year and brings cross-save functionality along with it.

When Game Dev Tycoon first launched on PC in 2012, it felt almost too much like a Game Dev Story copycat. That’s not to say the game wasn’t good at launch. It just seemed like everything in it had already been done by Kairosoft. However, the team at Greenheart Games and a dedicated community of modders have really blown the game out into its own thing. Soon, Nintendo Switch owners will have a chance to check it out. Give the new announcement trailer a watch below.

If you’ve yet to see Game Dev Tycoon in action, it’s a management sim that has you trying to create video games. You start working out of your basement in the 1980s. Over time, you work your way through parody versions of each real-world console. Along the way, you’ll develop your own engine, deal with marketing, and fight back against pirates if you choose to play on harder difficulties.

As someone who has already played the game on three other consoles, I’m not sure if I’ll get this. The Switch version does support cross-save, but it’s not completely clear if mods can come over. Without those, the prospect of playing again is a little less tempting for me.

That said, if you haven’t played it yet, Game Dev Tycoon is absolutely worth a try. The game is a joy to play and getting to try your hand at creating the next great game developer is tons of fun.

Game Dev Tycoon launches on Nintendo Switch on October 8. If you just can’t wait, the game is currently out on Android, iOS, and PC.