Game Director Steven ter Heide Goes in Depth About Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer

Game Director Steven ter Heide Goes in Depth About Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer

Rob Pearson from Playstation Access talked with Killzone: Shadow Fall Game Director Steven ter Heide about the multiplayer. Shadow Fall will be coming exclusively to PS4 at launch.

Multiplayer classes have been condensed to three main ones, which are Scout (the stealth oriented class), Assault (which focuses on the run-and-gun style) and Support (the teamplayers who support their teammates). Another big feature of the game is that all the weapons are unlocked in the Warzone mode. Steven feels that having locked weapons would cause an unfair advantage, with players that purchased the game at launch having better weapons than those buying it later down the line. When the developers play multiplayer, they have all the weapons at their disposal and so they wanted to give players that same feeling of fun and accessibility.

Steven also states that having a Killzone game as a launch title is both exciting and scary, since they must make sure the game is a well-formed package. The graphical hurdles–such as the higher resolution, increased amount of entities on screen, increased framerate–make the process of developing the game more difficult, especially since the development team has a limited time to get acquainted with the hardware.

There will be crossover gameplay features between the single player and multiplayer, such as the droids. However, there will be restrictions on multiplayer because only certain classes can use the droid.

Finally Steven talks about how they set-up the live demo that Shuhei Yoshida played during the Sony conference at Gamescom. You can watch the full interview below.