Game Freak's New IP Town Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019

Game Freak will be releasing another new IP sometime in 2019 with RPG Town that takes place entirely within a small village harboring a secret.

Game Freak has a new, non-Pokemon, game coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019, currently under the working title of Town.

Taking place entirely in one small village that enjoyed peace until monsters started to appear. You’ll fight these monsters with the help of other villagers and discover the secrets the village holds within. Town is currently slated for release sometime in 2019 and may see a title change between now and then.

Game Freak Inc is most known for its tireless work on the Pokémon franchise, it also has some history with other original IPs such as Giga Wrecker in 2017 and Tembo the Badass Elephant in 2015.

You can enjoy the reveal trailer for Town below.

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