Microsoft Game Gifting Available to Select Xbox One Insiders

The ability to gift Microsoft games to friends on Xbox Live has been promised for a while and is now beginning its rollout with availability coming to select Xbox One Insiders.

October 2, 2017

In the early days of the internet, it was considered taboo to have friends you met exclusively on the internet. Now, it’s not uncommon for entire friend groups to meet regularly in the virtual plane, and never actually meet in real life. It’s hard to maintain these relationships sometimes — you may be someone’s best friend and Fireteam compadre, but it may be weird to ship a gift to their house on their birthday or during the holidays. Luckily, an effort to allow players to gift games to each other online is coming to fruition as some Microsoft Insider Program members have reported seeing the option to “Buy as Gift” on the Microsoft store.

This option (as you would imagine) allows you to purchase a game and send it to someone on your friends list. So next time you’re begging your friend to download Rocket League, you can simply purchase the game and send it to their account instead (and perhaps have them pay you back later).

While no announcement has been made officially about the addition of the gifting service, Xbox Insider members who have access to preview build 1710 can access it. Recipients of gifts receive an email that includes the 25-digit redeemable code for the game selected.

In other news, Microsoft’s Xbox One X list of enhanced games has expanded and you can read more on it here. You can also check out DualShockers’ Xbox One X and Samsung interview here.

Noah Buttner

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