Game Informer Waxes Poetic on Assassin's Creed III

By Alexa Ray Corriea

March 5, 2012

Game Informer’s latest issue is all about Assassin’s Creed III, touting the title as a “reinvention” of the series.

The game, set to release this year on October 30, is set in America between 1753 and 1783 and will feature a new assassin — Ratohnhaké:ton (Ra-doon-ha-gay-doo), or Connor for short. Connor, the son of a Englishman and by a Native American woman, was raised by the Mohawk Native Americans until white colonists destroyed his village.

Vowing to dedicate his life to ridding the world of injustice, Connor has his own unique move sets and thousands of new animations — not one move has been carried over from the series’ older games. Players will guide Connor through some gorgeous key locations, including Boston and New York, by navigating tree tops, mountains, and of course some minor architecture.

Gameplay has also been switched up a big. Target-lock has been removed and replaced by a target auto-detect. Focus on battle will be on the offensive, with Connor taking part in battles including “thousands” of enemies on screen at once. That’s right – “thousands,” as opposed to previous games capping the on-screen enemy number at 100. Connor uses the classic hidden assassin’s blade as well as his signature tomahawk and knife, allowing him to pull off lightning-quick double counters and multiple takedowns for chaining kills. Connor can also use enemies as human shields both in and out of battle.

According to Game Informer, the relationship between Connor and George Washington is a key piece of the story. Our Native American hero will also cross paths with some of American history’s most famous figures, including Benjamin Franklin and Charles Lee. The magazine stresses that not all British in the game as bad, as not all colonists are good. The Assassins and the Templars still play major roles in the plot, which this time displays how both groups choose to operate in a sort of gray area of morality. Add in the French and Native American nations and you’ve got one amazing and almost stunningly accurate historical brawl on your hands — Ubisoft even hired historical dialogue consultants and Native American actors.

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ACIII is open-world, featuring America’s early frontier and a map 1.5 times the size of that in Brotherhood. A third of the game’s missions take place in the wilderness and animals can be hunted for resources. Connor has the ability to sprint and kill people while still moving, making chasing targets much easier. He can also parkour around cities, which are more subtly details and offer more options for moving over, under, and around objects on ground level. The environment and NPCs also change as the seasons pass.

As for Desmond, he will of course be returning, this time facing a new Animus database — Animus 3.0. Full synchronization has been described as “leveling in an RPG,” offering XP based on completing parts of missions rather than the pass-or-fail method used in previous games.

With the longest development cycle since the first Assassin’s Creed game, ACIII is already looking quite promising.

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