DualShockers’ Game of the Year 2020 — Third Quarter Discussion

DualShockers’ Game of the Year 2020 — Third Quarter Discussion

Ghost of Tsushima, Fall Guys, and Hades were some of the biggest releases in the third quarter of 2020, but are any of them deserving of being in the Game of the Year conversation?

It’s that time, everyone. Welcome once again to our third quarter deliberations for Game of the Year 2020!

In case you’re unfamiliar with what the heck is going on here, we’ve been doing things a bit differently in regards to GOTY at DualShockers this year. Rather than waiting until the final month of 2020 to talk about the biggest releases of the year, we’ve been breaking things down and giving our thoughts on every major title that has launched on a quarter-by-quarter basis. We already posted our discussions for the first and second quarter earlier in the year, and now, we’ve got the third quarter talks all ready for you.

This quarter’s conversation centers around all of the games that launched between July and September 2020. As such, our staff gives our thoughts on titles like Ghost of TsushimaHadesFall GuysSpiritfarer, and a litany of others that have come out over that period of time.

And in regards to who you can find in this episode, we have a pretty vast lineup. Mario Rivera, Otto Kratky, Charlie Wacholz, Kris Cornelisse, Cameron Hawkins, Scott White, Nick Blain, Ricky Frech, Gabe Moss, and I are here to break down everything and tickle your ears with our sultry voices. Also, yes, we do know that Mario’s mic wasn’t picking up his voice in the opening few minutes of the show! Sorry about the mistake.

If you want to find our entire conversation, you can watch it in the video down below. Once again, I have brought this up every quarter, but we’re absolutely looking for feedback when it comes to this series! What can we do better? And do you like this format? If you end up checking out our talks and have some valuable insight, we’d love to hear it from you down in the comments or over on YouTube.

And as for the future, we’ll be posting our Q4 discussion in mid-December with our final Game of the Year deliberations coming soon after. See you then!