EA Play on Xbox Game Pass For PC Delayed Until 2021

EA Play on Xbox Game Pass For PC Delayed Until 2021

Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers will have to wait until 2021 for access to EA's library of games through EA Play

Xbox Game Pass is undeniably one of the best gaming deals out there right now. For pretty low prices, users get access to a massive catalog of games, including everything from Xbox Game Studios and a big chunk of EA’s library. However, PC users of the service will have to wait a little bit longer for the full experience. The addition of EA Play to Xbox Game Pass for PC has been delayed until 2021.

The delay was announced in a blog post on the official Xbox site. Although the announcement was originally going to celebrate the arrival of EA Play on Xbox Game Pass for PC, it turned into “one asking for a little more patience.” It’s not entirely clear why the delay was made, the blog post only states that “we need more time to provide the Xbox Game Pass experience.” Updates on when PC users of Xbox Game Pass can expect EA’s library to be added will come next year.

On consoles, EA Play has been part of the Xbox Game Pass ultimate package since November 10, the launch date of the Xbox Series X | S. For PC players, EA Play availability was supposed to roll out this December.

It’s important to note that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members also have access to Xbox Game Pass for PC. The $14.99 a month service provides access to Xbox Game Pass and all its content regardless of what platform users choose to play on. Subscribers to the regular version of Xbox Game Pass do not have access to EA’s library of titles through the service.