Degica Brings Classic Sega Saturn Shoot ‘Em Up ‘Game Tengoku’ To PS4 and Steam This Winter

on July 31, 2017 1:57 PM

Degica Games announced they will bring the Jaleco Sega Saturn shoot em’ up, Game Tengoku CrusinMix, to PlayStation 4 and PC-via Steam this Winter.

Originally released in 1995 in arcades and ported to Sega Saturn in 1997, Game Tengoku is a character based shmup that rivaled many other games in the genre. Fans of Jaleco IPs could enjoy classic characters returning to the title who break the fourth wall throughout the story, as they are aware they are in a game.

Degica Games is releasing the port of the original and adding additional gameplay elements and new characters.

Game Tengoku‘s Sega Saturn released had many updates compared to its arcade counterpart, including extra levels and bosses. Additionally, there was an interesting “Horizontal Mode”, where players could put their televisions on its side and mimic an arcade screen. However, the announcement doesn’t specify if the PS4 and Steam release will include the co-op mode.

For players who enjoy goofy shoot ’em ups, which might have been overlooked, Game Tengoku CrusinMix is one that is sure to bring an interesting playing experience to your day. With additional content announced, it’s too be seen what can be added to this already over-the-top title.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any further news about Game Tengoku CrusinMix.

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