Gameboy Color Inspired Nintendo Switch Is a Vision of Beauty

Gameboy Color Inspired Nintendo Switch Is a Vision of Beauty

Check out this Gameboy Color Inspired Nintendo Switch brought to you by Twitter user, TyDilla.

Since COVID-19 hit the planet and most of us were placed into lockdown, many people have taken up hobbies that include painting, even gardening, and crafting. Some have started gaming for the very first time (hooray!) and then there are some who want to take their dull Nintendo Switch and turn it into a retro piece of art.

If you’re old enough to remember, 22 years ago the Gameboy Color first made its appearance. Rather than the grayscale of its predecessor, the Gameboy Color featured a fancy color screen and an enhanced palette built-in featuring up to 16 colors. Gone where the days of monochrome gaming and finally gamers could play their favorite titles that included Tetris, Pokémon Red and Blue and Donkey Kong in a fun, technicolored world. To recreate that retro feeling again, Twitter user TyDilla morphed their original Nintendo Switch into a Gameboy Color inspired Nintendo Switch and let’s be honest, it looks far cooler. We just don’t have enough redesigned Nintendo Switch consoles, that’s a fact. The most recent Animal Crossing edition is one of very few the company has brought out and that’s almost impossible to come across due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Before that, we saw the likes of a Pokémon Nintendo Switch, Super Smash Bros Switch, and a Diablo III Eternal themed ones.

For those wondering how TyDilla went about doing this, he has created a handy little clip of him creating the Gameboy Color inspired Nintendo Switch is on his Tik Tok and also there are a few images floating around on his Instagram among A LOT of cool looking sneakers. Of course, you don’t need to be particularly artistic to do this yourself – all you need is some time, which many of us have right now, and some patience. You can easily pick one of these cases up from places like Etsy or eBay that you then take the time to assemble and build. To ride that retro wave out to the max, TyDilla also designed some vintage ads to go with his completed Gameboy inspired Switch and it really works very well.

Last month we saw a Switch owner who decided to rejuvenate their tired hand-held console and jazz it up by using the artwork from the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Reddit user nukem23 put their creative cap on and decided to spice up their normal looking Switch with an insanely striking Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater decal. As you can see from the picture, the decal works extremely well covering the Switch like a glove in its trademark camo colors. The dock also looks pretty amazing and if you have an eagle eye, you may spot that nukem23 made the left joy-con decal a little different by slipping on a Metal Gear Solid 2 artwork instead. It truly would be an amazing idea if Konami ported the Metal Gear franchise to the Switch as there are plenty of fans that would play it on a newer, more versatile system on the go.


Just before the weekend, Nintendo took to Twitter to announce that they will be adding four new titles later this month to the NES and SNES libraries for Nintendo Switch subscribers. On May 20, the NES library will add Rygar, while the SNES collection will grow with Operation Logic BombPanel de Pon, and Wild Guns.

What Nintendo Switch editions would you like to see the most? Let us know in the comments.