GameCube Classic Mini Is Brought to Life by Nintendo Fan and It’s Everything We Could Hope For

Youtuber Madmorda re-creates a fully functioning GameCube Classic mini using a Nintendo Wii motherboard and it's perfection

Fans all around the world are all still waiting to hear any official announcements regarding a Nintendo 64 Mini console – even after two hugely successful retro console re-releases with the NES Classic and SNES Classic, you’d think that Nintendo would get a wriggle on regarding the N64 to be the next Classic machine. But with no word on a GameCube Classic coming to the market either, a Nintendo fan who got tired of waiting around has decided to fill that GameCube hole in fan’s hearts and took on the task of building one herself.

YouTuber Madmorda has created a video showing how she went about crafting this beautiful bit of kit that is fully functioning and built to scale. Madmorda states that her GameCube mini Classic isn’t a Raspberry Pi or other mini-computer to emulate the console but in actual fact a Nintendo Wii motherboard that she trimmed down to about the size of a Gameboy color cartridge. Her creation also includes functional headphone jacks that work via the controller ports, a converter and two USB slots that exist where the memory card slots were. It also has a function power button and light that’s crafted to be just like the original GameCube – genius.

To show off her mini GameCube in action, Madmorda plays some Super Mario Sunshine with absolute ease – no lagging issues whatsoever can be seen. Even though there was some news floating around last year regarding an official Nintendo GameCube Classic is in development following a trademark, I don’t think this is something that Nintendo would be pushing out anytime soon, if ever.

You can check out Madmorda’s GameCube Classic mini video below and if you fancy creating one yourself, head on over to the BitBuilt forums and see how the mod is put together.

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Rachael Fiddis

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