Gamecube Tune Set to Unemployment Graph Is Funny and Depressing

Who knew an unemployment graph set to the sounds of the Nintendo Gamecube intro jingle could be both depressing and hilarious.

By Scott White

April 4, 2020

The YouTube user Peerlexe managed to take the depressingly morbid graphs showing the spike in employment and make it slightly more entertaining by putting it to the intro jingle of the Nintendo Gamecube.

The graph used was the work of Dorsa Amir, an evolutionary anthropologist who studies how culture shapes the mind. Posted on her Twitter, it has garnered more than 15k likes and has been shared nearly 6.5k times. She herself admits that the addition of the Gamecube intro tune has made the graph “significantly better.”

With coronavirus shutting many of us into quarantine, it is important for our mental and physical well being to try and laugh when we can. We need silly things like this to make us smile as we are contending with the physical separation between our friends, family, and coworkers. Take some time to read that book series you’ve wanted to check out, or maybe that Netflix series (I suggest the Castlevania series, especially since Season 4 was just confirmed).

One thing a lot of us have been doing here at DualShockers is going through our backlog of games. You can check out Logan’s thoughts as he revisits some of his backlog gems like Resident Evil 6. If you need some game suggestions that may help you relax, you can also check out some of our picks for games that calm and relax us.

If you do play some games during this time, be sure to let us know! We’d love to hear about what you’re doing to keep busy.

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