Gamedec Developers Take a Deep Dive Into Character Creation

Gamedec Developers Take a Deep Dive Into Character Creation

Gamedec is an upcoming isometric RPG from Anshar Studios. The latest deep dive explains some of the options you'll have for character creation.

Anshar Studios’ Gamedec is an upcoming isometric RPG set in a cyberpunk universe. Unlike another certain cyberpunk game releasing soon, Gamedec is all about using your wits to solve cybercrimes No fancy smart guns or thermal katanas here. Just you and your brain. Recently, the team dropped a new trailer showing off some of the options you’ll have when creating your avatar. Check it out below.

Now, it might not seem like character creation is that big of a deal in a game like this one. After all, it’s all about the choices you make to shape the character, not what they look like. However, if you really want a player to immerse themselves into a character, giving them the ability to shape what their image is a helpful tool in your arsenal. If my early time with the beta version of the game is anything to go by, Gamedec is shaping up to nail that immersion.

While the beta build was very short, it was clear that Anshar is chasing something similar to Disco Elysium. Like that game, Gamedec will likely live and die on the strength of its writing. While  I didn’t think it quite met the quality bar DE set, there’s potential here. The systems are interesting and the game provides a different perspective to cyberpunk. That’s always a good thing in my book.

Gamedec is set to release at some point in 2021 for PC and Nintendo Switch. Keep an eye out on DualShockers for further updates.