Gamedec From Anshar Studios Comes to Nintendo Switch in 2021

Gamedec From Anshar Studios Comes to Nintendo Switch in 2021

Gamedec is an upcoming isometric RPG that lets you live out your fantasy of being a virtual reality detective. And now, the game is coming to Switch.

Gamedec is an upcoming isometric RPG from the team at Anshar Studios. You play as a virtual reality detective solving mysteries inside various online communities. Like any great detective, getting to the bottom of the case is more about using your mind than your fists. The game was originally only announced for PC, but today the team revealed it’s also coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021. Give the trailer a watch below.

In action, Gamedec might remind you of something like Disco Elysium. Obviously, it’s much larger in terms of environments, which means it doesn’t have the same level of detail in its various worlds. However, the game is, like Disco Elysium, much more focused on dialogue as a skill.

As you work your way through each world, you’ll level up your conversational ability based on how you respond to people. This opens up new options for you and even alters where the case takes you. I’ve played a bit of the game in a beta state earlier this year and it has a ton of potential.

It’s neat to see Gamedec get a Switch announcement, though surprising. The game feels like a classic isometric PC game. Seeing it translated to the Switch almost seems a bit icky for this old man. That said, I’m always down for more people to have the opportunity to play cool games.

Gamedec is set to release on PC later this year. The Nintendo Switch version will then drop in 2021. No word yet on other consoles. If the Switch launch is successful, it wouldn’t be surprising for Anshar to also bring the game to PS5 and Xbox Series X.