Gamefly To Offer PC Downloads Beginning In The Fall

Gamefly To Offer PC Downloads Beginning In The Fall

Jumping on the streaming bandwagon started by Netflix and other video streaming services, Gamefly has entered its lot into the fray of streaming content that vies for your monthly subscription. This announcement follows Gamefly’s acquisition of Direct2Drive, a PC download client not unlike Steam that was formally maintained by IGN. Thew new Gamefly client will offer direct downloads of over one hundred PC titles to coincide with the ever-growing list of console titles available from the rental service at no additional charge.

A closed beta of the service will begin on September 8th and beta codes will be distributed at a a private event for current subscribers in Los Angeles.


According to GameFly co-founder Sean Spector, the service will come at no additional charge to current subscribers:

“Now GameFly subscribers will have access to a library of PC catalog titles to play as often as they want and as long as they are a member,”

This is definitely a positive step for the rental service and although the PC library is small, it will likely expand in the coming months after its release. For more information on the beta and to request an invitation, be sure to visit Gamefly’s beta page.

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