GameInformer December Cover Art Revealed

on November 6, 2010 12:00 PM

GameInformer December Cover Art Revealed

GameInformer, the monthly gaming magazine circulated by GameStop, seems to be continuing with their trend of making the December issue a special one. Last December they celebrated their 200th issue with the Top 200 Games of All Time. This year, the feature is the Top 30 Characters Who Defined A Decade. And to complement this meaningful article, GameInformer contracted artist Sam Spratt to create an amazing 3-part poster featuring these 30 characters, ranging from Master Chief to Ezio, and with a witty nod to gaming in the way the three parts are connected. Like many popular magazines, each part is featured on a separate cover, encouraging customers to buy all three to c0mplete the poster. Hit the link at the bottom to read the full story on and to see all three covers.

The issue will appear in newsstands November 11, and is supposed to be arriving in subscribers’ mailboxes as early as next week. I wonder which cover I’ll get!


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