Gameloft Dominates in App Store Sales

on September 22, 2010 8:45 PM

Gameloft Dominates in App Store Sales
Talk about dong a clean sweep, with forty-two out of forty-seven games making the top fve selling list and twenty-five of them nabbing the number one spot at their prime, Gameloft deserves some gold stars! The game publisher has sold over twenty million of their titles on Apple’s App Store since the service began in July 2008. A few of these apps include Iron Man 2 and N.O.V.A.. Gameloft President Michel Guillemot has stated that,

“The first half of 2010 marks a new step for us on the App Store…The launch of the iPad and iPhone 4 has opened new horizons for developers and allowed us once again to transform our consumers gaming experience. 20 million paid downloads is proof that our games meet the expectations of our players and we will continue to satisfy them.”

With this is mind, Gameloft is hoping to add fifteen more games to their already vast App Store library by the end of the year.

Being a gamer since the age of 6 (thanks to my parents), a desire to pursue a career in the gaming industry has been my passion ever since I laid my hands on Sonic the Hedgehog. Some of my favorite games include Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, Duke Nukem 3D, Final Fantasy 6, Killer7 and both the Devil May Cry and Resident Evil series.