GameMaker Studio Creators YoYo Games Opens Up Publishing Division

YoYo Games, the creators of the GameMaker Studio engines, announced today that they are opening up a publishing division for indie games.

GameMaker Studio and the newer GameMaker Studio 2 are somewhat more simplistic, but still fairly deep, game development engines that several indie developers use. Today, GameMaker Studio creators YoYo Games announced that they are opening up a new publishing division for indie games.

According to YoYo Games, this new publishing division is led by Chris Trewartha, a veteran developer from Outplay Entertainment. The publishing branch will also, obviously, focus on new GameMaker titles, giving them more exposure than they may get otherwise.

GameMaker Studio 2 supports most modern platforms, and will even be getting Nintendo Switch support soon, so titles from YoYo Games’ publishing division won’t just be locked to PC.

Chris Trewartha commented on the kind of portfolio YoYo Games’ publishing branch would like to build:

“We want to build a portfolio of games, made with GameMaker, that really stand out from the crowd through their concept, design and mechanics. We will work with the developers to give them the support they need, enabling them to realize their full potential.”

Meanwhile, General Manager of YoYo Games James Cox discussed why YoYo Games decided to expand into games publishing:

“With GameMaker we have always prided ourselves on developing future game makers. We are now excited to partner with and help the incredibly talented developers in our community to take their next step into the world of publishing and ultimately commercial success.

We are blessed with a very creative community, who create highly innovative games. There is a real opportunity for us to act as a conduit to success for these developers, by providing them with our commercial expertise, advanced knowledge of the GameMaker platform and the investment clout that can take them to the next level and beyond.”

YoYo Games says that they are reaching out to several developers to discuss a possible partnership currently, and plan to begin announcing games this fall. DualShockers will be sure to let you know when YoYo Games unveils the first titles that they are publishing.

Tomas Franzese

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