PS4 Survival Horror S.O.N Gets First Gameplay Trailer

RedG Studios revealed a brand new trailer for their upcoming PS4 exclusive survival horror, S.O.N, featuring a look at gameplay footage.

on May 28, 2018 8:28 AM

A haunting new gameplay trailer for a PS4 exclusive title called, S.O.N arrived on PlayStation’s YouTube channel yesterday. It’s safe to say that it looks creepy, dark, and seems to feature a creature emerging from the shadows.

Developed by RedG Studios, S.O.N is set within the modern day world in which players take control of a Father, Robert Alderson looking for his missing son, Jay. Jay’s disappearance leads Robert to a forest in Pennsylvania, also known as, South of Nowhere.

From the gameplay trailer that was released, it does seem like it’ll have a focus on walking around in the dark a lot. It also looks as if there’s going to be plenty of jump-scares judging by the way that creature comes at us.

The official S.O.N website shows nothing but a countdown with “The World Will Know” above it, indicating that we’ll find out more details about the title once the timer hits zero. A Twitter user asked the developers if the title was going to be a VR exclusive. RedG Studios have confirmed that the game is just a regular title.

S.O.N will be coming to the PS4 as an exclusive, and more details are still to be announced in three days.

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