Gameplay Video of New Little King's Story

April 1, 2012

Courtesy of Konami, we’ve dug up a nine minute gameplay video of the forthcoming Japanese Playstation Vita title, New Little King’s Story.  The video is presented in unsubtitled Japanese, but most of the key plot points are evident through the action: you play as a child-king on a mission to rescue a missing princess. The king delegates action responsibilities to his followers, all of whom are also children.

There’s plenty of entertainment to be found even if you don’t speak Japanese; you’ve got a boy king with a girl’s voice, a dude with the gnarliest of mustaches, a child dressed in prison clothes and a gas mask wielding a giant mallet, and a boss who combines the best features of a cane toad and a Bob-omb. New Little King’s Story Check out the trailer after the break!


Sto Austin

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